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The Check on Partisan Politics We Need More than Ever.

Join Team Mastroianni for State Assembly of the 111th NY Assembly District

Take Part in Something Great

Meet Joe

A Fighter for the People

As a majority town board member, Joe has been an outspoken voice for the People.  


Calling it the way it is and addressing the real issues, Joe has proven he is willing to stand up when others simply want to play politics - we need Joe in Albany to stand up for us!

Joe knows we need to put aside partisan politics to fight inflation, corruptions, and unchecked taxing and spending.

Having lived in Rotterdam and Schenectady most of his life, Joe is looking to restore balance and create new perspectives in his hometown communities. 

As your 111th NY Assembly candidate, Joe is committed to:

  • Securing our borders and ending Sanctuary policies that are devastating our communities.

  • Making New York more affordable and reining in government spending.

  • Creating an environment where small businesses can thrive and have opportunities for success.




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